Excursion ship on the river Elbe (Foto: Jana Friedrich / Hereon)


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Comparing Sediment Measurement Methods in the German Lower Rhine
In the Living-Lab Rhine (LiLaR) project, scientists from different German and Dutch institutes investigate the comparability of standard sediment measurement methods used in the DANUBIUS-RI-Supersites Middle Rhine and Rhine-Meuse Delta. A recently published video provides detailed insights into the related measurement campaign and the investigated methods.
Video of the BAW on own youtube channel (05.04.2022)

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Giving freshwater biodiversity a seat at the table
Researchers from 90 scientific institutions around the world have found that research into and protection of freshwater biodiversity lags far behind that of terrestrial and marine areas. They have published a research agenda in the journal Ecology Letters with 15 priorities to better research and protect biodiversity in lakes, rivers and wetlands. One of the authors is Dr. Jana Friedrich, a scientist at the Helmholtz Center Hereon. She leads the Elbe-North Sea Supersite of the pan-European project DANUBIUS-RI.
Hereon News 12/21

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Award for Dr. Jana Friedrich
Dr. Jana Friedrich has received a special award. With the award of the Order of Cultural Merit of Romania in the field of science for the support of Romanian research and for the essential participation in the development and strategy of DANUBIUS-RI, her commitment was recognized by the Romanian President Klaus-Werner Iohannis.
Article in Weblog Küstenforschung 03/21